Following is the standard format we use for free news obituaries:

Deceased’s name


(Deceased’s name), (age), of (city) died (month, day, year) at (name of city, hospital or care center where the person died) of (cause of death – optional).

Mr./Mrs./Miss/Ms. (deceased’s name) was born (month, day, year) in (name of birthplace) and moved to Arizona in (year, if this information is appropriate).

He/she was a (occupation). He/she was a (military branch) veteran (if included, list achievements during military service).

He/she was a member of (list social, civic or religious affiliations).

He/she was preceded in death by (name of spouse and children – only).

Mr./Mrs. (name of deceased) is survived by (list survivors in order of closeness of relationship, starting with spouse, daughters, sons, parents, sisters, brothers, grandparents, number of grandchildren, etc.)

Always include the number of sons, daughters, etc.: He is survived by three daughters (then name the daughters); two sons (then name the sons), etc.

Funeral services will be/were held (time,date) at (location). Interment will be at (cemetery) in (city).
Memorial donations may be sent to (name and mailing address of organization)

(Name of funeral home) in (city) made the arrangements

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