West Valley View

Hey, View readers. Get ready to tweet — especially on Tuesdays.

For one hour starting at noon every Tuesday, you can now engage in a live interaction with a West Valley View reporter. Imagine that!

We’re calling it Twitter Tuesday. While you can tweet with the View at any time, Twitter Tuesday gives you, the reader, a chance to interact with a reporter in real time.

You’ll be able to ask questions about what’s going on in your city, find out the ins and outs of reporter life, and give us feedback about ways in which you think the View can better serve your community.

On some Twitter Tuesdays, we’ll have a topic of discussion. Think of it as a Twitter town hall of sorts. Other Tuesdays, you’ll be able to sound off on whatever’s concerning you.

Today, reporter Emily McCann will be answering questions about education in the West Valley.

Catch her responding to tweets during the noon hour. Just mention @WestValleyView in your tweets, and tag your posts with #WVVtweets.

During Twitter Tuesdays, you can view the discussion live in the feed below!